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Now available!

The following hypnosis recordings are now available:
• Sanctuary: Stress Relief
(less than 20 minutes long), and
A Journey Inward: Getting All That You Need to Achieve Your Goals (about 1/2 hour long)

These recordings,available as downloads, make ideal gifts for yourself or others. These guided trance sessions are your tickets to quality time for yourself, when you can't afford to go to a spa on a regular basis, or hire a counsellor to help you make changes you want in your life. The principles of the Law of Attraction have always been an integral part of how self hypnosis is used.

For a preview, download the free Introductory Sample Trance Session, and Hypnosis Explained, or get the full versions to really treat yourself (for the price of a specialty coffee or two)!

Use the first one, Sanctuary, to relax and unwind.

Use the second, Journey Inward, to help you achieve all your goals for health, wealth and happiness.

Get both as the perfect me-time package!

Just click here for more information, and make your choice to buy either or both.


You can still preview these two short hypnosis recordings (each is a little less than 5 minutes long) for free before you decide to buy the full sessions :

Download button• Listen to master hypnotherapist Nancy explain the basics of hypnosis


2nd download button• Preview this sample of a short journey into hypnosis as Nancy guides you
  through a complete trance session. If you like this one, you will love the full
  versions. This sounds best and is most effective when heard through
  headphones, as it engages both hemispheres of the brain.

Both are free to listen to or download!               Downloading instructions:

1. If you have two mouse buttons then RIGHT click the above link.

    Apple Mac users with one  mouse button should hold down the Option Key on your keyboard   
    while clicking so not to load the file up in your browser.

2. Choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" (depending on your browser).

3. Remember the location of the file on your hard drive. Do NOT change the file extension as
    your computer will not know how to handle the file.

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