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Nancy & clientEFT or Emotional Freedom Technique a very flexible improvement tool or a universal healing aid designed to remove the effects of negative emotions from the body, and promote improved physical and emotional health. It can be used for just about everything.

Based on the premise that unresolved emotions can compromise our potential for happiness, EFT began as an effective remedy for phobias, addictions and war trauma. Vietnam Vets were finally able to sleep at night, smokers could choose fresh air, and paralyzing phobias lost their grip...all without medication! Before long, EFT was providing relief for migraine headaches, sexual abuse trauma, and a wide assortment of everyday ailments, and troublesome patterns of emotional response.

Nancy uses a personalized version of this technique with most clients in her practice and has been amazed at the results. Traumatic past events that have influenced a person for most of their lives, lose that power in several rounds of EFT; physical pain, itching, and swelling becomes manageable or even disappears completely. "I am constantly amazed at the results, and sometimes I need to ask the client, 'Are you sure?' because it seems unbelievable. Often they respond with a totally new and healthier perspective about an issue that beforehand had seemed insurmountable. Sometimes it takes a little, or a lot of investigation to get to the root of a complicated issue, but when we do, and apply EFT, it just melts away."

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EFT founder Gary Craig, fascinated by such results, taught the technique to therapists, clients and people on the street. He said “Try it on everything!”, so they did. Since then, EFT has grown into a revolutionary healing aid, used by traditional therapists, medical professionals and alternative healers on everything from weight loss to cancer.

Nancy & client 2The discovery behind this relief is that unresolved emotional issues are caused by disruptions in the body’s “subtle energies”. These disruptions inhibit our natural ability to heal, leaving us open to nagging fears, chronic pain and illness. Combining this emotional element with the ancient principles of acupuncture, EFT has been able to address the causes of these energy disruptions with a gentle tapping procedure (using the fingertips). Impressive results ensue because the process addresses causes instead of symptoms.

Energy meridians that run through our body can be blocked or disrupted by unresolved emotional issues, thereby compromising our natural healing potential. Quite often, people are aware of the events or memories that trigger emotional discomfort in their lives, but they have not yet connected those memories to the symptoms of disease in their bodies. Using EFT, it is possible to revisit the event(s) in question, and balance the disturbed meridians. Properly done, both emotional anguish and the physical symptoms often subside. Although based on acupuncture, EFT has simplified the realignment process by gently tapping on key meridian points on the head, torso and hands. Traditional acupuncture needles are not necessary in this process.

Nancy & client 3EFT is sometimes called “acupuncture without needles” and generates its results by balancing the body’s energy meridians while the client “tunes in” to their problem in a gentle, conversational manner. In this way an important link is established between mind and body. It parallels acupuncture, except that needles are not used. Instead, certain meridian points are stimulated by tapping with the fingertips while the client focuses on the issue they wish to resolve. A simple way to explain how the EFT strategies work is to use the analogy of a circuit breaker in your kitchen. Once the circuit is over-powered you cannot turn the lights on or get the refrigerator to cool until the circuit breaker has been reset. EFT resets the circuits in a person’s body and mind.

Do you have questions about how this might help you? Check the Frequently Asked Questions, then ask any further questions from the same page.

There are several features that set EFT apart from other such healing procedures.

  • EFT employs one basic tapping routine that is effective for both physical and emotional issues. That’s why diverse audiences can achieve high percentage results even though each member may be addressing a different issue.

  • Healthy belief changes, or shifts of perspective, often occur as the energy meridians come into balance. The abuse victim, for example, may experience a belief/perspective shift from “My father hates me” to the healthier, “Dad doesn’t know how to love. He needs help.” Along with this more peaceful attitude, physical symptoms often subside.

  • EFT’s results are often long term. Properly done, the process most often does not need to be repeated for that specific issue. Many people, who received very successful EFT sessions more than 10 years ago, have never had a relapse. This is particularly so with emotional issues involving traumatic memories, grief, fears and phobias. It is also true with many physical symptoms.

The best known science is not always the best available. Valuable breakthroughs often take a long time before being accepted. For example, the doctor who discovered and proved the need for sanitary conditions when clients were being treated saw his proven work ignored for decades. EFT, by contrast, has already received international acceptance. It is estimated that over 1,000,000 people worldwide have received the benefits of EFT.

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A basic EFT application would initially focus on a current issue. This would include simple language designed not only to hold the focus, but also to add self-acceptance to the process. For example, someone wanting to address migraine headaches might say “even though I have this horrible headache, I deeply and completely accept myself”, while tapping through the points. If this initial procedure provides significant relief, then applying the Basic EFT procedure as headaches appear can be very effective.

Interestingly, it has provided permanent relief in several migraine cases. If the headache hasn’t vanished after the initial realignment, or if the Basic procedure doesn’t provide relief for subsequent headaches, then there is almost always a deeper emotional factor at work. Advanced EFT application can enhance the results significantly, and is usually necessary for more complicated cases. The best EFT practitioners, such as Nancy, have learned the techniques available for uncovering the core issues, and approaching them with a minimum of emotional discomfort, or none at all.

EFT addresses the emotional issues underlying the behaviour that leads to under- or over-weight. And it can also help to lessen or eliminate specific, unhealthy food cravings.

For a more detailed discussion of the use of EFT and hypnotherapy, as applied to weight issues, please click here.

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For elite athletes and amateurs alike, EFT can help you attain levels of peak performance.

EFT can help you release mental, emotional, mechanical and physical blocks, including range-of-motion blocks that might prevent you from achieving the next level exellence in your performance.

EFT works quickly, drug-free, and painlessly.

Golf is a game of how you react mentally. One bad shot or hole can ruin a round. Tapping can improve how you think on the course, can improve your calmness and your concentration.

Gary Craig offers the example of Jason Eccleston, who has a 5 handicap, and believes EFT has merit. "What I had was a bunch of little obstacles as far as trying to lower my handicap," Eccleston said. "We found out what they were and basically eliminated them." EFT got rid of Eccleston's back problems, then he worked with an EFT practitioner on his mental issues. Eccleston said he used to get bothered by tactics his playing partners would use on the course to unnerve him. "You find these little things that sabotage your round," he said. "We eliminated those mental blocks. It's easy to tap and eliminate that situation so it doesn't bother you anymore."

Nancy has also seen how, once those kinds of blocks are eliminated with EFT, the person's performance improves naturally without any kind of extra effort. Identifying all the things that hold the person back from personal excellence, is the 'hard' part. A belief about one's self can hold a person back just as much as a stiffness from a previous injury. "It's amazing to see how people begin to make giant strides forwards once these things have been treated with EFT, whether it's getting better grades by doing well in exams, or throwing the perfect pitch in baseball."

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A written letter of consent from your doctor is required before Nancy will apply this or any other technique to help with improving any kind of pain relief or other physical ailment. The letter should say that your doctor has diagnosed your condition, that you are or have been medically treated for it, and that it is okay to proceed with an alternative therapy that may help you to cope with your condition.

None of the services Nancy provides can be substituted for appropriate medical care. Appropriate medical care should always be sought first.

Work on emotional or any non-health related issues does not require a physician’s consent.

Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus you must take complete responsibility for your use of it. Further, Nancy Hunter is not a licensed health professional and offers EFT as a psychotherapist and as a personal performance coach.

Please consult a qualified health practitioner before using EFT or before discontinuing any treatment or medications.